PULSE-A Optical Payload

I lead the development of a polarization-modulated optical communications system for SEDS-UChicago. This included optical systems design and simulation (in Zemax) as well as copious amount of research paper reading. I am now working on bringing a prototype payload to life, developed with the help and space of UChicago PME's Zhong Lab.

Grafana Network Weathermap

Developed the only modern network weathermap plugin for Grafana, an open-source monitoring and observability platform. Approved and published as a community plugin with over 100k downloads. Built entirely with SVG transformations in React, inspired by the well known, original PHP Network Weathermap.


Worked as a research assistant to Professor Nathan Hill at Trinity College Dublin on computer assisted proto-language reconstruction (CAPR). Re-wrote, revised, and edited existing code for the reconstruction of Proto-Burmese, using Python, Flask, and React. A paper on this work will hopefully soon be published in the journal Diachronica.


Developed an online resource to help Uzbek language learners (and Uzbek English learners). One of few (if not the only) existing online Uzbek dictionary to allow Cyrillic searching and general fuzzy searching abilities. Translations are taken from the parsed PDFs of Herve Guerin's Uzbek Glossary, as well as results from CTILD's Uzbek-English Dictionary. Built with Svelte / Sapper and MongoDB.


As a volunteer developer for fosshost.org (unfortunately now defunct), I partially designed and completely rewrote their original website. I wrote all of the code for the the site, including a system that allowed new applications to recieve confirmation emails and have their projects automatically added to Fosshost's project management system. Developed using Svelte and Sapper.